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Home automation is a powerful lighting, control and energy management system that adds comfort, convenience and value to your home. Smart homes use a combination of automation and other systems to produce a "Smart Home".
For example, with a properly installed and configured system you could have a "scene" that would close your electric blinds, turn on a predetermined set of lights and switch on the air-conditioning to heat a particular room whenever the outside temperature dropped below a certain level and you are at home. In this example we are using the automation and the air-conditioning in combination to produce just one small example of a smart home-a home that thinks for itself! 
If this seems complicated, put your fears at rest-all the technology is behind the scenes and in fact in our example the end user didn't have to actually do or touch anything. On the other end of the smart home and automation scale, you control your lights like you normally would except that the switch on the wall is a beautiful smart switch that allows you to do much more than just switch on a light-if you want it to.
The ability to also use your smartphone, tablet or a beautiful wall mounted screen to control lights, air-conditioning, audio visual equipment, blinds, security and other systems rest literally in the palm of your hands. 
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We can design and install automation for your new home, renovation or office. Existing premises can also be fitted with this exciting technology and usually without any complicated rewiring. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable automation can be and we guarantee that there is a price to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements. Don't forget, you can have just certain areas automated-home theatre room is a perfect example-and expand as your budget allows. You can enjoy this in your home by contacting us today! 
Uncomplicate your life by getting rid of all the different remotes you have to use just to watch a DVD. Press one button to turn on your TV, amplifier, set-top box and have all inputs set correctly. At the same time, your ceiling lights will turn off, electric blinds will lower and some wall lights come on at dimmed level. Need to go to the kitchen during the movie- press pause and not only will your movie pause but the lights to your kitchen will switch on to a comfortable level and then switch back off when you hit play. We can't promise you the popcorn but we can make watching a movie at home a whole new experience
Experience what automation has to offer with a system professionally installed by Eastside Electrical Services and we will gladly advise you on a product that suits both your budget and lifestyle.
Eastside Electrical Services can install most of the leading systems on the market including Legrand My Home, Clipsal C-Bus and Dynalite. Contact us for more information or you can also visit this link for a Government report on the benefits of home automation.

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